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Marketing should be simple.

Your product is complex, but we make it seem simple. Forget the jargon and the endless list of tactics. We distill marketing down to what really matters: connecting with your audience and converting them into loyal customers.

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ROI, Not Just Eye Candy: Videos That Drive Business

We don’t just inform; we evoke emotion. Our video content is crafted to make your audience feel something, creating a deeper connection that leads to real business results. If you can make your audience feel, you can help them understand.

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The struggle is real

Are these marketing woes haunting your business?

Your inbox is a ghost town

You’re posting, but it’s like shouting into a void. Your inbox is as quiet as a Maccas drive-through at 3 a.m. That empty inbox dread is like throwing a party and having no one show up—awkward and disheartening

You’ve suffered the budget-busting marketing flops

Ouch, so you blew the marketing budget on a campaign that flopped harder than a fish out of water? We get it; it’s like buying VIP tickets to a Fyre Festival of disappointment.

Or perhaps you’ve got a bad case of stage fright

You’ve got a killer message but when it’s showtime, you freeze like a deer in headlights and your message ends up as clear as mud? It’s like having the ingredients for a gourmet masterpiece but ending up with scrambled eggs—no bueno. 

Listen, if you resonate with any of the woes above, we can help

We don’t believe in ghosts, let’s get that inbox filled.

Guess what? We have a solution that can transform that ghost town into Times Square, on New Year’s Eve!

Forget budget-busting nose dives

No need to break the bank for blockbuster results. Our data-driven approach ensures you get the most bang for your buck, turning each dollar spent into measurable growth.

Clarify your message, share with confidence

Talking to cameras is more terrifying than presenting to an audience of 5… at first. Don’t stress, we’ll help you to distill your message into compelling video content.

We've helped in a lot of different areas


Joanna Hobbs 

CEO | Teen Challenge QLD

“Jason and his team were able to help us curate and tell the Teen Challenge story powerfully. We found Jayframe Media to be professional and personable. They know how to tell great stories; but more than that, they were an absolute pleasure to work with.”


James Macaulay

Queensland University of Technology

“Jayframe Media went above and beyond to deliver the video to us. They took the time to understand the message we were trying to communicate and helped distil our ideas into a more cohesive animation. Collaborative, regular progress reports which gave us an opportunity for further input into the creative process, and took on board our suggestions. The final output was far above our expectations. We highly recommend working with them.”


Conny Liza 

Frilete Active

“Hands down the best photographer/videographer I have ever worked with. We absolutely love all the photos you captured and we have used them across our social media and websites. You were easy to work with, professional, organised and took the time to understand our visions and brought them all to life.”


Hey business owner.

We understand.

Building a business is hard.

Crazy hard.

Perpetual worry, tossing and turning at night,

wondering where your next customer will come from.

Exhausted, swamped, and perplexed like a riddle wrapped in an enigma.
Your creative juices drying up faster than a desert in mid-summer.

And to compound it all,
A whirlwind of advice and strategies.

Should I invest in a video? Craft a new logo? Start a blog? Document my every move on social media?

What about podcasts? Everyone’s raving about podcasts…

perhaps, I should give that a shot.

Aha! That’s it! I’ll build a brand-new website. That should do the trick!

That’s the key to attracting new customers.

*Can someone wake me up from this madness?*

See, most businesses are plagued with “shiny object syndrome”,
laced with a dollop of impulsiveness, and a dash of “jack of all trades” ambition.

Trying a little bit of this, a little bit of that,

Perpetually switching between ideas and strategies, chasing the latest industry buzzword.

Soon they’re tearing their hair out over the seemingly endless list of tasks.

We refer to this chaos as a disaster.
Also known as hell.
It’s hot there,
a blazing inferno of frustration.

We’d rather run a marathon barefoot than let a brand descend into such chaos.

However, this isn’t about us. It’s about you.

Because your brand isn’t resonating as you’d envisioned,
and that’s why you’re here.

Your brand isn’t cutting through the noise,
Despite pouring your heart and soul into it.

Struggling, striving, scraping, and hustling relentlessly to make your mark.

Or perhaps you’re on your way… and you just crave more.

More impact.
More engagement.
More recognition.
More trust from your customers.

Whatever your “more” is…

We’ve got great news for you… Because soon, you’ll be thinking, “hey, I’ve got this”.

You’ll be waking up to an inbox filled with inquiries from customers eager to work with you.


What if I'm not sure which I need?

Unlike other production companies that focus on execution, Jayframe Media offers expert recommendations to elevate your marketing strategy. If you’re not quite sure what you need, we’ll ask a few questions in our initial consultation to make sure we point you in the right direction. We apply data and results from over years of experience to align our approach with your goals.

I already know exactly what I want from you. Can you just create it?

Many of our clients rely on our video-production expertise to come up with a creative concept from scratch, but others already have a brief and just need an execution partner. We’ve had success with many world-class companies that already had detailed briefs when they started working with us. In these cases, our role is to bring your creative vision to life and exceed your wildest expectations. And yes, we always deliver.

How long does it take to produce a video?

A typical video production timeline depends on a number of factors, including the number of videos being produced, video length, and the speed of the feedback loop.

For example, our team generally takes 3 weeks to produce a 30-second spot and 6 weeks to produce a 60-second spot. However, rush projects can sometimes be accommodated.

What happens if I need to reschedule the production?

If you need to reschedule or change the details of your production date, we ask that you please let your project manager know as soon as possible. If your rescheduling results in a fee for last-minute changes, we will let you know the amount.

Do I need more than one video?

When you make videos, it’s important to determine your goals and budget before you begin. A single video is better than no videos at all, but a series of videos will accomplish more for your organization if you have the resources. Our producers can help you find the right balance of resources and execution.

Do you travel outside of Brisbane to film projects?

We travel far and wide to capture the best stories for our clients. Typically any project that includes travel to one or multiple destinations will have the associated fees built into the budget.

Where can I publish my video once it is done?

We would like to do one project to see what it's like working with you.

That's okay, wise even. We don't like committing to a relationship without getting to know them either.

For this reason, we work extra hard to really get to know you and your business in order to hit it out of the park from the beginning. After all, wouldn't it be so much easier to have that one company that you know... and trust, who can consistently bring high value to your company? We think so too.

If you like us, (and we like you too), we will discuss future growth opportunities for us to partner with you in scaling your business to the moon.

What are your prices?

Every business has different goals they are trying to achieve. Fair?

For this reason, every project can be scaled to suit the goals of your company. In most cases; the bigger the goal, the longer the project timeline, and yes, the larger the budget.

You can download our price guide here

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